Spam Spam Spam Chips and Spam

We got bored of deleting all of the spammers off our system.  For every genuine blog registered there are 20 to 30 splogs dirtying up our system.  The problem with spammers registering on is that it darkens the name of in google and other search engines.  There are so many of these parasitic low-lifes now that we have made an important decision.

We are now INVITE ONLY

Sorry – don’t blame me – blame the spammers.

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Polite Note to SPAMMERS only

If you are planning on creating a blog that looks like a real blog, but is actually just hyperlink spam, then don’t bother. We have seen all the scams a hundred times before. On average our systems team remove these blogs within 1 hour of being created and report the offense to the originating IP domain administrators. Don’t waste your time.

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